Customer Service

When a customer leaves you a 1-2 star review, they are often attempting to get your attention or warn other customers of their bad experience. Either way, all negative reviews create excellent opportunities for customer service teams to explore issues and offer quick assistance to unhappy customers.

Reputation Studio helps customer service reps manage negative reviews more efficiently by auto-creating cases, prioritizing reviews based on urgency and enabling quick responses. Automating these processes not only saves teams massive amounts of time, but also ensures that customers are receiving the brand experience you strive for.


Online customer reviews are marketing gold! Creating a 360° view of your customers is an important aspect of marketing. Understanding the specific reasons customers love your brand over another will help your marketing professionals perfect their messaging and deliver content that truly resonates with your desired audience.

Creating a cult following for your brand starts by developing strong relationships with your happy customers. Reputation Studio makes it easy for brands to connect marketing and customer success teams with happy customers using our Auto-Routing feature. Thanking customers for writing detailed reviews can increase their loyalty and even turn them into brand advocates.  When other customers see that your brand is engaged and attentive to positive reviews, they are more likely to also leave you a 5-star review!


Increase your revenue by capitalizing on positive reviews and extending customer support to all review site touchpoints.  When brands create a reputation for being customer centric and responsive, customers are more likely to have confidence in making a purchasing decision.