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Automation for Reputation Management

Reputation Studio Enterprise Online Review Management dashboard. Illustration.

Spend more time connecting with customers and less time manually sorting through endless online reviews.

Reputation Studio is an Enterprise Online Review Management (ORM) platform that:

  • Consolidates customer reviews into one dashboard

  • Automates the routing of reviews to teams

  • Posts brand responses in real-time

  • Applies Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide actionable Sentiment analytics

Review Platforms

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Aggregate online reviews and Q&A from all channels to leverage every opportunity to improve customer relationships and build brand experiences. Get the most out of your customer engagement team by allowing them to have a positive impact on growth by connecting with your customers in the moments that matter.

Reputation Studio automatically creates service cases and alerts from reviews and questions. We aim to minimize the impact of negative reviews by prioritizing customer reviews based on your criteria and triggering alerts.

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Build a better brand reputation with Reputation Studio.


Reputation Insights

Products, Locations, Apps,
and Company Reviews

We can do it all… all your reviews on one powerful platform.

Inform both product development and marketing strategy using RS Insights. Our platform provides machine learning that gives your brand a complete analysis of positive and negative Sentiment. Build customized models for Intent tagging to quickly surface areas of improvement and target what customers love most about your brand. Understanding customer sentiment and intent will empower educated decision-making that will win customers from competitors and turn customers into loyalists.

Reputation Studio Online Review Management links companies with insights including customer sentiment analysis. Illustration.

Industries Served

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Consumer Goods

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Financial Services

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“We saved so much time on manual reporting!”

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