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Customers are talking about your brand, store, service, app and products on Review and Q&A forums across many channels. Reputation Studio facilitates engagement everywhere—from Amazon to Target—with one login. Reduce the time it takes to manually moderate and respond to consumer-generated content in real-time, with templates and automated routing to teams.

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Accelerate revenue by taking control of your online reputation. Your customers are talking about your brand not only in online reviews but also in Q&A forums. We help brands engage with customers on all channels.

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Gain real-time feedback through AI-driven Sentiment and Intent Analytics. Utilizing your customers’ real-time feedback can pinpoint areas of improvement and provide a positive impact on both product development and customer experiences.

Why Reputation Studio?

Why Online Reviews are Important for Brands

Your customers care about the purchases they make. In fact, around 92% of consumers make decisions based on the reviews. Ensure confidence in shoppers by showing that you're a brand who cares about their customers and takes the time to listen.

Real-Time Review Aggregation and Automation

Brands spend countless hours manually logging into different sources, copy and pasting reviews into their CRM, and manually responding. Even if they have a tool aggregating their data, it can sometimes take days for the data to sync. Reputation Studio is the all-in-one solution to have all customer review and Q&A data in one centralized location.

Use Salesforce?

Reputation Studio is the #1 choice for Reputation Management with Salesforce Customers.

Reputation Insights

The Reputation Insights NLP (Sentiment & Intent models) are trained by utilizing over 150 million Amazon reviews and constantly improving based on consumer review data.

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