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Review Aggregation

View and manage all customer reviews in a single dashboard.

With multiple review services and platforms throughout the digital landscape, it is increasingly difficult for enterprise brands to capitalize on every important consumer engagement opportunity. We make it easy for brands to connect with customers, extend customer support and improve relationships by organizing all online reviews into a single dashboard.


Use workflow rules to automatically route reviews to the right teams.

Instantly direct reviews to the person or team best fit to respond. Create cases for 1-2 star reviews so customer service reps can reply as soon as possible. Help customer success and marketing teams engage with brand loyalists and promoters. Ensure that product or location managers are getting the customer feedback they need to provide optimal customer experiences.

Create Cases

Send all negative reviews directly to customer service.

Extend your customer support to meet your customers on their terms. Assign incoming 1-2 star reviews to customer service reps, track progress, and view Response Rate Analytics. Sort reviews by priority and tag keywords to immediately resolve urgent issues. Teams also have the ability to collaborate on responses.

Real-Time Response

Show customers that you are listening and ready to respond.

Quick review responses show customers that your brand is engaged and seeks to improve the entire customer experience. Address negative feedback and thank customers from the “engage” tab of your Reputation Studio dashboard. Your responses are instantly pushed back to the originating review sites. With time saved with our workflows and automation, teams have more time to craft those personalized responses that define your brand.

Sentiment & Intent Analysis

Measure customer sentiment and intent using Artificial Intelligence.

Get more from customer feedback by measuring the customer Sentiment & Intent of reviewers. Powered by industry leading Artificial Intelligence tools, this feature goes beyond the surface level of ratings to give you a deeper understanding of consumer emotion and reasoning for leaving a detailed review.

Business Intelligence

Gain a 360° view of your customers using Reports and Dashboards.

Tap into the voice of your customers to make sense of the pervasive trends shaping the landscape of your business. Discover what customers like or dislike and turn those insights into action for any marketing campaign, sale or customer service opportunity. Show changes in ratings over time and filter by product, location or keyword. Visualizing review data at scale gives you the ability to pinpoint precise areas of improvement within your business.