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Online Brand Reputation Management

Award-Winning Brand Reputation Software Gives you a 360° View of Your User Generated Content Online

Reputation Studio is the only brand reputation management platform that does it all with the user generated content consumers trust. Increase ratings on any site including Amazon by automating the review ask. Improve customer engagement by responding to reviews and Q&A posts in real-time, from one log in. Gain brand reputation insights through our AI-powered engine to give you trustworthy, actionable intelligence about you and your competitors.

Do all of this across any channel for any brand, store, service, app or product. Your company’s reputation will improve when you make customers happy with prompt engagement and improve your products and service based on the feedback you receive.

The best part? Reputation Studio pulls in your reviews to the enterprise platforms you already use, so you don’t have to log in to multiple apps and tools to manage your reviews.

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Get More Reviews

Save time logging into multiple platforms and sending manual emails by automating the review ask using our rules-based platform that works with any online channel.

Scale Customer Engagement

Respond to reviews and Q&A across all channels from a single workspace. Leverage templates and approval processes to streamline efficiency and brand voice.

Gain Reputation Insights

Using Sentiment and Intent models, our AI-driven analytics uncover areas of improvement and provide a positive impact on both product development and customer experiences.

Free Resource: Negative Feedback 101

From swift, personal responses to taking action from the insights you uncover, here’s everything you need to know about turning negative feedback into positive change.

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Reputation Management Through Trusted Reviews and Q&A Forums

The all-in-one solution for real-time review aggregation for your business, franchise, brand, app or product. Any country, any language.

Enhance Visibility of Workflows

Automatically route reviews and Q&A to the appropriate role in either service, marketing, or sales. Teams can filter the data and prioritize responses based on rating, sentiment, and keywords. 

Manage User Access and Roles

Keep a close eye on customer activity using multichannel review aggregation with user-specific and filter based workspaces. Assign roles and grant user permissions such as turning off the ability for editing or not allowing users to work on the same data set.

Get a 360 Degree View of Customers

Route reviews to your CRM platform to get a complete view of your customers, including their purchase history, and contact information. With the ability to fully understand your customers, your team can deliver a personalized customer experience for all.

Improve Social Customer Service

Create and manage cases for negative reviews and tagged keywords to bring pressing issues to the surface. Automatically prioritize reviews, improve response rates, and monitor service-level agreements to keep negative feedback at bay.

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