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Location Reviews

Consumers are always looking for a new restaurant to try, a hotel to stay in, or a shop to have their automobile serviced.  Good or bad, customers have the potential to share details of their experiences through review sources such as Yelp, Google, Trip Advisor, and Facebook. Whether your organization has a single location or thousands, you can now track all location reviews in one place. Reputation Studio’s flexibility gives you the power to filter for reviews of one location, or compile reviews across multiple locations. You can identify global opportunities to improve customer service and address individual pain points in your operations and processes.

    Basic Professional Enterprise
Google X X X
Facebook X X
Yelp X X
TripAdvisor X
Booking.com X
Expedia X
OpenTable X
CarGurus X
Reports and Dashboards X X X
Cross Channel Reporting X X
Reputation Insights X
Einstein.AI (2,000 Predictions) X
Sync Time Daily Hourly 10 Minutes