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Demo Kit Overview

This Reputation Studio Demo Kit is a resource intended for Salesforce Solution Engineers to install and setup Reputation Studio in their own demo orgs with sample data so you may easily present to customers and prospects.

Reputation Studio is the only Online Reputation Management (ORM) application built 100% native to Salesforce. Our technology extends the Salesforce platform to enable customer service, sales, and marketings teams to monitor and respond to online customer reviews for products, locations, and apps. A few of the sources that Reputation Studio integrates with are Amazon, Bazaarvoice, Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, iOS and Google Play Store. Companies who are engaging with consumers will strengthen customer relationships, optimize customer experiences, improve ratings, and drive revenue.

Installation Information

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Use Cases

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Need Help?

For demo or installation questions or to further enhance your demo environment, please contact our Sales Engineering team directly at  | Subject=RCG IDO

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